Alpha Brain Review: Is it tried and Tested? Memory Pills

Are you’re tired of losing focus, find you suffer the consequences of memory lapses or just lack the mental drive?

Then you may find this Onnit Alpha Brain Review helpful.

Over the past year or so I noticed that I found it hard to focus in meetings and had difficulty recalling information when I needed it.

This is why I set out to find out what supplements were available to help me and I ended up writing this review to hopefully help you.

What I discovered is that Alpha Brain not only can help you to think more clearly at work it can also:

  • Give you an added edge in our athletic pursuits
  • Help you hold more focus when studying for an exam
  • Help you retain information and scripts for presentations or performances

I hated losing my concentration at work or forgetting words in conversation.

This bugs me the most when I am at work when I need my mind to function at its optimum.

I also could have done with some help when I was studying back in the day.

Eventually, I decided that I needed to make a change and started looking for something that would help me gain sharper thought processes.

If this sounds like you then you may want to keep on reading.

What is Alpha Brain?


To be honest I wondered the same thing, which spurred me on to do some research.

Basically, Alpha Brain is a natural brain boosting supplement that according to their official website has helped:

  • Executives and students to increase their focus and mental energy
  • Athletes to heighten reaction time and quickly analyze complex patterns.
  • Performers and speakers have seen improvement in remembering words, names, and ideas in verbal flow

On top of all of that, it is a safe and natural alternative supplement, which means you don’t have to worry about nasty toxins or lingering side effects.

If you take the capsules consistently each day you should see improvement in your concentration levels and your ability to focus on specific tasks.

This will make your confidence in Alpha Brain grow overtime at work, home, on the playing field, or when out socializing with friends.

Now that’s all well and good, but you might be wondering how it works or, more specifically, what are the ingredients used in Alpha Brain?

I will be covering that in the next post.

First I would like to go over what I did and didn’t like about Alpha Brain in my Alpha Brain Review.

Alpha Brain Review

What I Didn’t Like About Alpha Brain

To be honest I have been taking Alpha Brain for a few years now. It was my partner who encouraged me to write this Alpha Brain review because of the results I was getting

Over this time I have found it difficult to find something I didn’t like about Alpha Brain, well hard-pressed to find anything concrete.

I have read some reviews where some users experienced mild headaches or sensations of pressure, which could deter you from using it.

The good news is that this wasn’t a side effect that was common amongst users; it was more in the minority of cases.

To date, I have not experienced any headaches from taking it.

The other thing is that when some users first started taking Alpha Brain it can take a few days to feel a change.

Recently I encouraged my partner to start taking it and she found it took about 3-4 days for it to really kick in for her.

This means that if you have an upcoming exam or a particular sporting event you may need to be prepared to take it regularly in the lead-up to the event.

Having said when I started taking it back in 2011 I noticed a difference straight away.

I felt my thinking was clearer after my first dose.

This appears to be not uncommon; everyone absorbs supplements differently so you just need to try it to see how it works for you.

My partner and I have found that we both respond differently to anything we take into our bodies whether it is food or supplements.

Fortunately, the good aspects outweighed the bad with this product.

IMAGE: Hand drawing blue circle with word brain inside

What I Did Like About Alpha Brain

I liked the fact that Onnit has taken the effort to test Alpha Brain on over 60 people in two placebo-controlled trials.

When I read that participants taking the supplement for 45 days showed significant improvement in function, processing speed, and verbal memory I thought it was worth trying.

Also when I first started researching all the ingredients I was impressed with what Onnit chose to put into their brain-boosting supplement.

In my next post, I take an in-depth look at how the Alpha Brain ingredients stack up if you want to know more.

In addition to what I have already listed previously in this Alpha Brain review, I really appreciate the fact that the company offers a free 3-month KEEP-IT money-back guarantee for first-time buyers.

I think this offer removes any hesitations you may feel around trying the product.

To put it simply, apart from the cognitive benefits I experience, it is because of the risk-free trial, ingredients, and research that Onnit has invested in their product that I think Alpha Brain is worth trying.

Because I have been using this product for a while I thought I would ask my partner to do a short Alpha Brain review video for you.

Now we have covered what I did and didn’t like let’s talk about the options for buying it.

I want to tell you how you can save 20% and explain more about the KEEP-IT money-back guarantee that Onnit offer.

Can You Buy Alpha Brain in Stores?

Unfortunately, I could not find Alpha Brain in any retail stores, but this is actually a good thing.

Why is that?

Because if you were to buy it in a physical store you would have to pay upfront and hope that you liked it.

And you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the KEEP-IT money-back guarantee.

If you can’t buy Alpha Brain in stores where can you buy it?

The good news is that the best place to buy Alpha Brain is online.

I must admit I used to be cautious buying products online, but I haven’t come across anything about Onnet that concerned me.

Also, their terms and conditions are clearly laid out and they offer secure shopping for all their products.

So my suggestion is to take advantage of the 3-month KEEP-IT money-back guarantee.

This way you won’t be out of pocket if you don’t like it. All in all, I see this as the safest and most affordable option.

If this is your first purchase you may also want to check out their 20% discount by joining their StayOnnit program.

You just have to make sure you cancel it if you end up returning your first purchase.

So you might want to know more about the risk-free trial and 20% discount.

This is important for you to know if you are buying Alpha Brain for the first time and you find it doesn’t work for you.

However, if you have read my Onnit Alpha Brain review and decided that it is the right choice for you can simply click below to be taken to the company’s main website.

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